The Esoteric Alphabet – Introduction part 16

This 16-page article is merely part of the introduction to The Esoteric Alphabet.
I wrote the entire work in 2004. Initially it was included in the manuscript for “In These Signs Conquer” – but it quickly grew into a book of its own; one that, at the time, I was unable to find the time to edit.
I released the unedited and incomplete manuscript as a free ebook in 2008 on Lulu and included a notice to say that it needed some editing and revising.
It was quickly copied and spread around the net.
These two paragraphs, and the preceding one, precede the interpretations of the alphabet and it’s symbols:

The following interpretations (not included in this article but accessible on the web) then are what something is manipulating you to think you are, and what it wants you to accept about what it is telling you. All words have the capacity to communicate a completely different message to their dictionary meaning. Our unconscious mind understands the true meanings of all subliminal messaging. Unfortunately most times it is unable to communicate this knowledge due to prior conditioning of our emotional minds and the intellects. Your conscious mind cannot comprehend imagery until it is made aware of it. Even then it only recognises what it already knows.
What follows is an interpretation of the letters that will surprise you and is intended to give the reader a deeper understanding of what we encounter almost every minute of every day from media and other instruments of communication. Many, including myself, did not realise what we were doing by using them. It was not until I began this book that I realised just how powerful they were on a subtle level. It has taken me more than 10 years to research the material for this book as well as 52 years of life experiences this time around. I have countless other authors and researchers to thank because without their courageous and hard work it would have taken a damn sight longer. My greatest thanks, however, go to those in the world of spirit who have guided me to the necessary material and added much of their own. This certainly was not for me to keep to myself. As to what you think of it…that is up to you.
© Ellis Taylor 2004



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