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The Adventures of Plog: The Earth Story. Part 1. Well, Well

by Ellis Taylor 1977


I first started composing this series of stories in 1977, well before the film E.T. was released, and it has some similarities. I adapted it from a part-autobiographical story I used to tell my daughter when she was little. The story is set in South Oxfordshire, where I grew up.

It isn’t finished, and it does need editing.


Part 1

Well, Well

Early one morning a curious light appeared on the horizon, moving very swiftly through the early morning haze down towards the big hill at the end of the lane. Just as it reached the oak trees at the top of the hill, the light stopped, popped and turned into a small object that looked rather like a mustard pot. Floating gently down in short jerky movements it landed on a small patch of grass right beside a big oak tree. There was another pop and a flash, a door opened and out stepped Plog.
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A School in the marshes

I can’t believe that it was 7 years ago today that I wrote this…but it was.  I’m re-posting this from my former website, Otherworld Journeys thanks to Ellis Nelson. She jogged my memory with her post, ‘Alice was a real girl‘.


A School in the marshes

ZZZZZZssssssssss! CRACK! Like a god’s new arrow the lightning bolt slew through the rolling black sky to strike at a sultry willow tree half submerged in the turbulent morass. A huddled figure, drenched, leapt from the hide-bound willow vessel wrapped the sinew cord around a withy branch and scrambled up the bank. Soon the boy was out of the rain…but not out of danger.

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