The Esoteric Alphabet


I first began writing my book, In These Signs Conquer, in 2004. The Esoteric Alphabet, I thought, would be maybe a chapter or two, but it very quickly grew like Topsy into something huge.  I realised that, despite its close relationship to ‘Signs‘, this work deserved to be a book of it’s own.

It was a book like no other that I was aware of and I knew that rather than a year or two’s commitment this was a project for a life-time.

I wrote down as much as I could, added the images as best I could. Information poured through me. I couldn’t keep up. I decided that the best course for me was to release The Esoteric Alphabet as it was, warts an’ all…and there are some. There are some errors, due to the pressure I was under but I made that clear when I published it as a free Ebook on Lulu.

My hope was that it would awaken people’s curiosity, inspire readers to delve into the mysteries themselves; and just perhaps, somebody would take over where I left off.

I did at one stage contemplate continuing with it and removed it from Lulu but I then discovered that not long after I had published it, The E.A. had been copied and distributed by several websites. The E.A. became a massive hit, not just because it was free, but because it was reaching the very people that I hoped it would.


This is a work that I committed hundreds and hundreds of hours of my life into producing. It is a book that has taken even more years in preparation to write it.

The Esoteric Alphabet is available for download from several sources on the net; just type the name in a search engine to find it. There is even an audio download on one site.

I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to look deeper into the mysteries and motives of of our prime means of communication.


Please click here for the Introduction to the Esoteric Alphabet by Ellis Taylor