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‘A Book of Wonders’ – Brian J. Allan
Editor of Phenomena Magazine



Ellis has a wonderful way of writing; he makes things simple; easy to understand; but most of all he speaks (and writes) straight from the heart.

Some of the subjects he tackles aren’t that easy to write about, but he’s very uncomplicated and professional in the way he does write about them. There’s no confusion; no waffling; he gets straight to the point and tells it as it is and I for one find that refreshing. Most of all, he portrays the truth as he knows it to be and that is quite something in these troubled times.

An accomplished author, his works are a proverbial breath of fresh air guaranteed to dispel any cobwebs lodging in your mind!

Author and experience, Ann Andrews


Having known Ellis for a number of years and having shared various orb-hunting excursions, dowsing at sacred sites and been present with him, both here and in the USA, to experience first-hand some of the events he describes in his book, I have no hesitation in recommending this as an essential read for those who seek to understand a bit more about the true nature of reality. Ellis proved to me on several occasions that he can not only photograph orbs but can also see them. I consider him a dear and long-standing friend; a fellow traveller on a journey into the unknown.

Author, songwriter, and experiencer, Mike Oram


Like many thousands of people on this planet, Ellis Taylor lives in the tension betwixt and between two realities. There is the ‘normal’, everyday world where a living must be earned, the mundane minutiae of life attended to and where the ‘supernatural’ is a generally avoided topic and then there is the reality where other dimensions, off-world visitors, government black ops, frequency fluxes and energy portals are all too real and intrusive. Functioning in the former while experiencing the latter requires mental and emotional equilibrium, nerves of steel, an open mind, discernment and wisdom and a brave heart. Ellis has all of these and more. Especially he has the courage to tell his story and thereby add more pieces to the jigsaw of the true nature of reality. Apart from all that, he is a really nice person and his book is interesting!

Author, Fran Pickering
Books by Fran


“From the moment we met Ellis we recognised him as a kindred spirit – and his new book, ‘Dogged Days’, is very much a book of the time.
It reflects issues and questions which will be familiar to many people, who have encountered the extraordinary. All such encounters cause us to re-evaluate our life and purpose here – and yet it is not so much what happens to us that is important but how we respond to those events, as confusing as they may sometimes be. Many people may claim to know all the Answers – but invariably those who do, usually haven’t understood the Questions in the first place.

In Dogged Days, Ellis candidly relates his own unusual experiences and in doing so draws alongside all who are less interested in popular answers and more concerned with asking the right questions about the nature of Reality.”

Artist and Author, John Pickering


I have known Ellis for over 11 years and he has become a wonderful friend and a fellow researcher for whom I have deep respect. I met Ellis when he and his family were experiencing anomalous phenomena, i.e. contact with non-human intelligences. He had been led to my door by a joint friend, and said to me that there was no support group for this experience, and that people just thought you were a ‘loony’. Although at that time I had not supported anyone with such experiences, I was aware of the phenomenon. On meeting Ellis I was in no doubts that this profound experience was impacting quite tangibly on both him and his family.

In fact I can honestly say that Ellis and his story provided a new direction and the catalyst for the creation of ACERN to support those with contact.
But even more importantly Ellis has shown tremendous courage in uncovering the hidden and ‘darker side on this planet; a challenging task that would cast fear into most hearts. But I once asked Ellis if he would ever stop doing this given the forces he challenges? His answer was no, they have killed me before for doing this but it is fundamental to my purpose and if they did do it again then I would just keep coming back and doing it again until I succeed! ”

That is a man who has the honesty and integrity to do what he believes, and to speak his truth. I am honoured to be his friend.

Counsellor and author, Mary Rodwell
ACERN: The Australian Close Encounters Resource Network


Prepare to be taken on an enchanting journey of mystery and multi-dimensional exploration! To read Dogged Days is akin to being granted a private audience with a bard of ancient Albion, as Ellis Taylor engagingly weaves his-story with natural skill and charm. If ever there was a book to be read next to a roaring fire by candlelight, this is it…

Author and singer, Karen Sawyer


…the recognition of my own childhood in your experiences is beyond profound and has given me a lot of deep joy these last few hours. Beyond that, I think this is the best thing you have written. It is glorious. There is so much honesty and heart in it. It sings of mystery and the importance of mystery, of commonality in experience and the wisdom to be found in personal revelation and relationship with this wonderous wider universe.



Just finished reading Dogged Days. Spooked me out a bit as it stirred memories of a lot of similar experiences I had when I was youngerish (those were the days!! lol) though not to the same intensity. Had a couple of restless nights since. Writing them all down at the mo and there was a lot more than I thought. I think they are a big part of the puzzle to some major questions and searching going on in me at the mo. That dragons blood telling me to wake up!!!



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