Inside and with them

Dogged Days

51ATeq-0vzL._SL250_The strange life and times of
a child from eternity.
Paranormal experiences with
Humans, & Beings from other

By Ellis Taylor

Cover illustration by visionary artist Neil Hague,
from a sketch by Ellis Taylor.

My personal life story of true encounters with conventions’ impossibilities.

From pages 130-131

Inside and with them

An excerpt from the chapter, CONTACT

This was only the beginning. Over the next few weeks contact accelerated so much so that the whole house seemed to vibrate with a subtle, yet intense energy. All sorts of other strange things occurred besides what I have reported already. It was a huge challenge to keep focussed on everyday life and responsibilities when at any time, day or night, I could find myself being whipped away to who knows where.

Sometimes I did recognise where I was so I would realise that I must have been there before. I was taken down into tunnels and up into space. I walked around huge, usually empty, vividly bright rooms and saw massive white storage units which opened with red stick handles. I was shown small life-forms growing in tubes, body parts – legs, arms, feet and hands etc – in containers and told that they were used in 1939. I was shown disasters, destroyed cities black and smoking; and occasionally a disc-shaped UFO would fly over the scene.

I have memories of being on crafts but as with much of this experience my memories are vague and sketchy. I’ve had the floated out through the walls or windows thing as well but sometimes I don’t remember how I got out. I’ve been carried aboard drawn up in a light and at other times I just remember being somewhere one moment and on board the next. As for take off the means of exits seem to be just as varied. It might just zoom off or it can rise very steadily until it gets to a certain point above the Earth and then they’re outa here. At other times the craft jumps in quick spurts and leaves a pale-mustardy-brown smoky ring which you can see because the craft becomes transparent.

Aboard crafts I’ve seen small bald and naked beings that busy themselves around consoles. Their skin is the colour of ripened wheat, they have almond-shaped eyes, two tiny holes instead of a nose, small mouths which are tight and motionless slits, impossibly thin necks; the tops of their heads rise to a hump at the back. As far as I can recall they always ignore me. I have seen other beings too some are very human-looking, they’re blond mostly but not always. When these types come near me I feel like I am fizzing. They’re quite aloof generally but I have come across some that are gregarious. I’ve seen some horrible looking creatures too, so horrible that I can’t bring myself to even think about them. It’s as if I mustn’t think about them.

There is however one special being who always has much to say to me. When I say ‘say’ he doesn’t actually talk he communicates by telepathy though sometimes he does make his speech audible externally. He looks extremely ancient, rather similar to the other small creatures but his skin is covered in folds and he wears a white gown with a hood – which is rarely over his head. He seems very wise. He can also change his appearance at a whim into anything he wants. One recollection is standing on board a craft facing him. I had a white gown on and he was telling me something that was important judging by the sternness of his demeanour. All I could think at this crucial moment was, ‘How does that skinny little neck hold up that great big head.’ I was like that at school here too – always daydreaming instead of paying attention.


From my book, Dogged Days
© Ellis C. Taylor
December 2008


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