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“I found aspects of the book a real revelation and just brilliant. It has without doubt given me something of a boost. Certain threads have been pulled together and for that what can I say but – thank you.

I’m in no doubt anyone fortunate enough to get the hands on a copy and read the book will be enlightened and their view of the world challenged. Your independence of thought and dedication to seeing beyond the norm shines brightly.

Well done mate, yer something of a legend!”

~ Political & Social Analyst, Paul Brandon

“…the resulting piece presents to the reader, a series of highly logical, thought-provoking arguments, interpretations and suggestions, which are reinforced throughout the book by well sourced, factual evidence & extensive research. The author, in exploring the highly controversial subject matter of this book, questions the motives and actions behind the individual organizations directly involved in re-shaping the structure of the world and the society in which we live. Taylor applies his extensive knowledge of symbology and numerology, to provide interesting modern day interpretations & suggestions about the life paths that we find ourselves travelling on, as well as the possible outcomes and alternative routes that may be available to us. We are asked to consider as individuals, how our actions today can influence the way forward for ourselves and future generations.

Even the most sceptical of readers, will find themselves presented with a series of highly plausible arguments, previously unexplained theories, and avenues to explore further. ‘Signs’ is a challenging and thought-provoking book, infused with humour and wit together with an extensive knowledge of the controversial issues it addresses. It presents itself as an entertaining and compelling read, and I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in discovering the truth about the world in which we live, and anyone who has ever questioned the values and structure of our society.”

~ Paranormal Researcher, M. Brereton

The new book carries on where the numerological revelations of Living In The Matrix left off… Ellis brings his phenomenal knowledge to bear upon a breathtaking range of subjects, from architecture, energy fields, astrology and the secrets of the esoteric alphabet; revealing the multiform ways in which the staples of ‘civilisation’ have been wielded as tools in an ongoing agenda of control – by agents (named and unnamed) in the service of an omnipresent Darkness. The weighty and at times difficult material could threaten to overpower, were it not for the writer’s light and humorous touch throughout: and his palpable sense of joy in both the mysteries and limitations of this present reality. Another unusual book from a very special writer.’

~ Theologian, writer and scholar, Ben Fairhall

“At last a book that sheds light on the esoteric meanings, signs and intent behind the forces that all too often, influence our world! Ellis Taylor has to be one of the most unique writers, philosophers and creative thinkers this side of the paradigm shift, that we, as a species, are currently undergoing.”

~ Visionary artist & writer, Neil Hague

“Ellis’ wit shines through in this book, making what could be a mind-numbing trawl through esotericism an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. He takes complex subjects and boils them down into words that anybody can understand.

Read this extraordinary work and your view of the world will be changed forever.” More

~  Author & researcher, Steve Johnson

“In These Signs is a conspiracydom equivalent of Finnegans Wake. Reading it takes you on an intuitive, freefall ride in search of deep truth. It’s raw, passionate and honest a quest that takes the reader from the most sacred landscape of Albion to the furthest reaches of the wider and wilder universe. Beyond the totalitarian structures that try to lock us into a lesser reality by insisting that work can only ever be about evidence we all agree on, here is a book of the personal and universal that talks through revelation.

Ellis C Taylor dares to go beyond the cages composed and imposed by a reliance on rational ‘sense’ to bring us not only inspired fact but a multifaceted vision of mysteries which have played out across centuries of history.

Ellis C Taylor writes as he is – an Albionic bard possessed with seer’s sight. He will walk with you beyond the confines of logic and established fact into the realms of pure poetic truth. Hang on tight – it is going to be one hell of a ride.“

~ Author, David Southwell

Ellis Taylor’s new book works like an easy-reading manual for the true New Age. It covers a lot of ground and investigates many subjects which have been kept from us by establishment entities, who have always considered knowledge to be imparted on a “need to know” basis, with the idea that we, the hard-working slave-units of their hierarchy, don’t need to know.

Written in a forthright, unshy and conversational style, the subject matter is treated humorously and seriously, and exposes us to many novel facts that have been quite buried for an age. If you enjoy learning about words, and language, numerology and folklore, mythology and cosmology, and if you are simply searching for new ways of looking at the world in which you live, this book will be of significance in your life.

This inspiring work is written for you by a true devotee of truth who intends to explain some of life’s most intriguing mysteries

~ Author & Producer Michael Tsarion,

Have you ever read a book that spoke to you in such a way that you weren’t so much reading it, but re-reading it? Having not ever encountered it before, it was strange that a book I’d never read seemed so familiar. I am lead to believe it is because the information imparted within comes from an ancient place. Researcher, writer, truth seeker, and seer Ellis Taylor reveals some very important information that has been long forgotten – until now. The subjects of numerology, symbolism, etymology, mythology, and cosmology are treated reverently, but not in a heavy or overbearing way. In fact, both while and after reading In These Signs Conquer, I felt a very serene, peaceful feeling settle deep within me. Again, this is something I haven’t often encountered with the written word. Taylor has turned in a masterful tome that will raise your spirit and enlighten your mind.

It is also interesting that throughout the book, Taylor describes a spiritual battle that continues to take place both within and all around us. This ancient occult blood feud is a meta-theme through which to view the world and its history. This journey takes the reader from the farthest reaches of our solar system to the deepest recesses of their own soul. Yet another distinctive feature of this book, and Taylor’s work in general, is that it does not come to any conclusions. He simply tells the story with the relevant facts without trying to convince. This tends to open up space for the reader to decide what, if anything, to believe. If nothing else, the information presented here is worthwhile because it is so thought provoking. I cannot recommend Ellis Taylor’s In These Signs Conquer: Revealing The Secret Signs An Age Has Obscured highly enough. Check it out and I think you’ll agree.

Ellis Taylor was kind enough to sit down for an interview about his book, work, and life. Considering just how phenomenal and rare this all is, you’re in for quite a treat. So settle back in your chair and get ready… More

~ Greg Kaminsky, webmaster of Occult of Personality
Occult of Personality


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