Sit Down, Shut Up!

The first chapter of my 2006 book, In These Signs Conquer:

Sit Down, Shut Up!
This is a Security Alert


Why is it so important to get everyone thinking the same homogenised and authorised thoughts? It is as if we are being barred at all costs from the mansions of our unconscious mind and the insights that these provide. Why are independent imaginative, original thinkers of our time ridiculed, side-lined or despised? Did the Inquisition really go away?
Is it a security thing?

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Inside and with them

Dogged Days

51ATeq-0vzL._SL250_The strange life and times of
a child from eternity.
Paranormal experiences with
Humans, & Beings from other

By Ellis Taylor

Cover illustration by visionary artist Neil Hague,
from a sketch by Ellis Taylor.

My personal life story of true encounters with conventions’ impossibilities.

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Frozen in the sky

51ATeq-0vzL._SL250_The strange life and times of
a child from eternity.
Paranormal experiences with
Humans, & Beings from other

By Ellis Taylor

Cover illustration by visionary artist Neil Hague,
from a sketch by Ellis Taylor.

orMy personal life story of true encounters with conventions’ impossibilities.


This is an excerpt:


Frozen in the sky

…or… Plane sight

One night, in early October 1997, I was driving alone along the A40 road towards Oxford from Witney. It was between 10pm and 11pm the sky was clear and very dark. I wasn’t very far out of Witney, coming down the hill, when I saw an aeroplane in the sky, to the east over the village of Eynsham, between myself and Oxford. The plane was about the size of a small airliner and it had no lights on at all. As I got closer to Eynsham I realised that it was not moving. 

I could see the craft at all times except for when it was obscured by a stand of tall trees.

When I reached Eynsham and right beside the aircraft, I slowed almost to a stop and unwound the car’s window to have a good look at it. The plane was as silent as it was stationary; just hanging there over the village close to the road but much lower than you’d think. I gauged the height of it roughly from the trees nearby – about 3 times their height. It was a solid thing with its nose pointing north towards the road. I didn’t stop, I didn’t even take a photograph – though I had a camera in the car – I just carried on driving. As I drove away I kept an eye on it in the rear view mirror and wing mirror and it didn’t move, just hung there as if it was frozen in the sky.

The incident played on my mind all night and I tried to rationalise what it could have been. The only possibility I could think of was that it might have been an elaborately authentic-looking balloon tethered to the ground for some event in the village. I didn’t see any tethers and the plane didn’t sway at all (which blimps do), and it didn’t look like anything other than an aeroplane in every way but it seemed the only alternative to an extraordinary event. In the morning I phoned the Eynsham post office and asked if there was any special event going on in Eynsham? There wasn’t. I asked if there had been a giant blimp over the village within the last few days. There hadn’t been. A friend of mine drove to Eynsham to have a look for me but there was nothing there.

How I wish I’d stopped, got out and photographed it but it’s really strange
how often people see such strange things and then inexplicably don’t
think to photograph them.

© Ellis C. Taylor
October 1997

The details of the incident were reported at the time and subsequently in print and radio interviews. At the time I didn’t consider that this may have been a hologram, a test perhaps.

Four years later, authorities and eye-witnesses claim that planes of the same size flew into the World Trade Centre towers 1 & 2, and the Pentagon.

1st October 2018


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The Adventures of Plog: The Earth Story. Part 1. Well, Well

by Ellis Taylor 1977


I first started composing this series of stories in 1977, well before the film E.T. was released, and it has some similarities. I adapted it from a part-autobiographical story I used to tell my daughter when she was little. The story is set in South Oxfordshire, where I grew up.

It isn’t finished, and it does need editing.


Part 1

Well, Well

Early one morning a curious light appeared on the horizon, moving very swiftly through the early morning haze down towards the big hill at the end of the lane. Just as it reached the oak trees at the top of the hill, the light stopped, popped and turned into a small object that looked rather like a mustard pot. Floating gently down in short jerky movements it landed on a small patch of grass right beside a big oak tree. There was another pop and a flash, a door opened and out stepped Plog.
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The Esoteric Alphabet – Introduction part 16

This 16-page article is merely part of the introduction to The Esoteric Alphabet.
I wrote the entire work in 2004. Initially it was included in the manuscript for “In These Signs Conquer” – but it quickly grew into a book of its own; one that, at the time, I was unable to find the time to edit.
I released the unedited and incomplete manuscript as a free ebook in 2008 on Lulu and included a notice to say that it needed some editing and revising.
It was quickly copied and spread around the net.
These two paragraphs, and the preceding one, precede the interpretations of the alphabet and it’s symbols:

The following interpretations (not included in this article but accessible on the web) then are what something is manipulating you to think you are, and what it wants you to accept about what it is telling you. All words have the capacity to communicate a completely different message to their dictionary meaning. Our unconscious mind understands the true meanings of all subliminal messaging. Unfortunately most times it is unable to communicate this knowledge due to prior conditioning of our emotional minds and the intellects. Your conscious mind cannot comprehend imagery until it is made aware of it. Even then it only recognises what it already knows.
What follows is an interpretation of the letters that will surprise you and is intended to give the reader a deeper understanding of what we encounter almost every minute of every day from media and other instruments of communication. Many, including myself, did not realise what we were doing by using them. It was not until I began this book that I realised just how powerful they were on a subtle level. It has taken me more than 10 years to research the material for this book as well as 52 years of life experiences this time around. I have countless other authors and researchers to thank because without their courageous and hard work it would have taken a damn sight longer. My greatest thanks, however, go to those in the world of spirit who have guided me to the necessary material and added much of their own. This certainly was not for me to keep to myself. As to what you think of it…that is up to you.
© Ellis Taylor 2004


The Esoteric Alphabet – Introduction part 15

Well the first thing to realise is that LORD God is not God, but what the ancients symbolised as a god, a sun. He is not the god who created the universe either, that was a character who is called ‘God’, someone completely different. Adam is not a human being either he too is a sun. Eve is the moon and the serpent is Venus. Far from being a dry and questionable old, duff tale, the story involves intriguing cosmological and geometric knowledge from a time when they were not supposed to know such things. Perhaps this is why the Church, and other vassals of the Darkness’ cause, has striven to disguise the real meaning of Genesis.
Readers wishing to read more on the Real Adam and Eve than is covered in here can find more in my previous book, IN THESE SIGNS CONQUER
The Alphabet is a Timely Device Matching the Bible and the Seasons



Numerologically, the first book of the Old Testament GENESIS totals 260, the same numerals as the count of letters in the alphabet we are taught – 26 articles of creation designed out of the void, or the unconscious. What is more, GENESIS is the only Old Testament book spelt with capitals in the index of the Authorised King James Bible (A.D. 1611). The first book of the New Testament is Matthew written MATTHEW in the index (total 272, a palindrome (cyclical) number which is 12 more than 260 – or a solar cycle more). When Matthew is written and its numerological values concentrated, it also totals 26. The number doubled equals 52 the number of weeks in a year and the real number of letters in our alphabet. It also relates to the Great Cycle of the Pleiades and is integral to the Maya Calendar, which is congruent with the motions of Venus; a planet some of the Ancients tell us came from the Pleiades.
Every 260 days (52 x 5 or 13 x 20) the initial position of the numbers reappeared. Every 52 years, the beginning of the year corresponded exactly to the initial order. This was taken to mark a new beginning of the life cycle,
and was celebrated as such.
Roman Letters or French Letters: Contraception for Individual Expression
Studying the constructions of letters reveals a great deal about the thought processes that generated them. Their forms are based on the human creative process and designed around the sexual organs and intercourse – and don’t tell the vicar but, that bastion of prudery, the Church, designed it!
The danger already exists that mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell.
~ St. Augustine
Why Alphabet?
Our alphabet has developed through numerous cultures. It did not just happen, as I have read in academic works. Letters are not placed any old where. When the Roman Church designed the alphabet, they chose each letter’s position using their knowledge of numerology, astrology and other occult sciences. This eventuated in every word being influenced by the natural forces that numbers describe, but in a way that suited the Church and its masters. The name ‘alphabet’ did not derive from ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ alone or even ‘alpha’ and ‘beth’ alone. The word alphabet is a composition of the names of four Semitic words: Aleph, Beth, Tau and Teth. Aleph is the Oxhead (Taurus – Alcyone), the flaming, primordial sun. Beth is the House (the moon). Teth is the Serpent (Venus) Tau is the Cross, boundary or mark (Saturn). The alphabet is truly a tree of revelation and knowledge – a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Individual letters could be viewed as serpent seeds. It is a series of cycles as we shall see.



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The Esoteric Alphabet – Introduction part 14

The unconscious mind is that part of you that is a reservoir of all the experiences acquired throughout your lifetime. Your experience, learning, manner (drives, motivations, needs) for interacting with your world, and your automatic functioning in countless behaviours each day, are all evidence of unconscious functions. The unconscious mind is, in contrast to the conscious mind, not as rigid, analytical, and, most importantly limited. It responds to experiential communications, is capable of symbolic interpretation, and tends to be more global in view.
– P. Brown, The Hypnotic Brain. New Haven, CT; Yale University Press, 1991
R. Ornstein, The evolution of consciousness. New York, Prentice Hall, 1991
Both referenced in Essentials of Hypnosis, Michael D. Yapko, PhD. Brunner/Mazel, Philadelphia, USA
Holy Mind Games
The alphabet letters and its sequence are a brilliant though surreptitious representation of Genesis. Although we have always been told that Genesis describes the true creation of humankind and its companions, it is essentially a collection of ancient stories that were told around long spent fires to explain consciousness, the cosmos and how a race arrived from the stars. Much of the rest of the Old Testament expands on the same story. It has been a dreadful yet for them a highly successful operation in exercising almost total subjugation of the human spirit and a fundamental catalyst for countless atrocities.
The alphabet’s symbolism, like the Bible, works on many levels incorporating several stories. Its intricate pattern has to start somewhere though, and as with any code, there is a key. I discovered the esoteric nature of its forms when I realised the template they used to construct the letter and number shapes. I call this the Realms of Existence. Then I discovered that the alphabet was really two alphabets: one with small letters and the other with capital letters. This came about when I noticed that enigmatic, Freemasonic, capital G equated to its equally sacred number, 33. Number 33 in a secret sense is cryptic, enigmatic and covert; it denotes secrecy and hidden messages in conventional ideas and form. It also indicates dual systems of expression: two minds – two alphabets. 33 is the trickster, the cup and nut shuffler and the illusionist.

The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry… It is well enough for the mass of those called Masons, to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whoso attempts to undeceive them will labour in vain, and without any true reward violate his obligations as an Adept.
~ 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike
Every culture’s writing symbols are infused with the thoughts and motivations of their designers. Where our alphabet differs is that what the Church displays through its letterforms clearly disputes its teachings. That is a very serious matter when one considers the devastation they have wrought to gain their wealth and authority. People seem to dismiss very lightly the Church’s un-Christian history. Their supporters point to their wonderful missionary works. Under the cover of doing good, they have imposed their will on people who have not asked for it. The Christian (Roman) Church is only one arm of a monstrous octopus and every enforced religion can share the blame for the state our precious world is in. They have all created distorted minds through their subversive practices. If they had not caused mayhem in the first place, we would not need humanitarian agencies – but they too are significant collusive or unwitting agents of the Darkness’ agenda anyway.
The Real Adam and Eve
Contrary to indoctrination, there are six main characters in the Genesis story not four, God, LORD God (1 and 2), Adam, Eve, and the Serpent. The story fed to humanity for thousands of years is that Genesis tells us God knocked up everything in 7 days including a witless man called Adam a harlot called Eve and a despicable creature called the serpent. It is because of what occurred between the three of them that we are doomed to everlasting penitence.


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The Esoteric Alphabet – Introduction part 13

A two-dimensional diagram of a multi-dimensional concept.


Every plane revolves in all directions. The Mental and Material planes remain enclosed in the globe and the soul plane is likened to a skin around the globe. Both the Spirit and soul planes are exterior to our third dimension and physical bodies. The soul is an un-manifest aspect and an emanation from Spirit. To enable Spirit to gain experience through physical interaction, it constructs and combines two elements: the mind and the body. Both have specific and interdependent tasks. By far the more powerful of the two is the mind. Within the mind or mental realm are instinct, the conscious mind, our emotions and unconscious mind. The mind receives most of its information from physical interaction using the five senses of smell, hearing, touch, sight and taste. The material body is dependent upon the mind and interacts with exterior influences. In its natural state the mind is free to wander wherever it wants to go but, whilst it is charged with experiencing and reporting on our physical activities, it is tied to the body, which it is helping to continually manifest anyway. Within the mind there are specific levels having their own purposes.
Instinct: The first level from the physical realm is instinct. This is the area that deals with automatic five-sense activity; it operates the nervous system, fight and flight, procreation and everything else necessary to keep a physical body satisfied.
Conscious Mind: The next level is the conscious mind, which rests when the body does. Otherwise, it is always on duty, unless it can be tricked into thinking it should be sleeping. Everything we experience whilst we are awake is fed through our conscious minds. Generally, we are conscious of whatever occurs within the range of our five senses. The conscious mind analyses matters based on any data it holds. It decides what is possible and what is not according to its critical appraisal of circumstances. The conscious mind holds the intellect and is literal.
Emotional Mind: Above the conscious mind is the emotional realm. What ever affects the emotional mind causes reactions in the conscious mind. The emotional mind is a regulator of our personal morals and passes messages to the unconscious from the conscious mind and vice-versa. At the heart of the mind, its role is to engage or disengage the conscious mind’s compliance in matters that affect feelings. Hence, the emotional mind is the first target of advertising and other more insidious forms of mind control.
Unconscious Mind: The premier level of our mind is the unconscious or subconscious mind. The unconscious mind stays alert for messages from the conscious mind and assists (or attempts to assist) the other levels of mind at all times. The unconscious mind is always active. When the conscious mind is quiet, it can wander into other exterior realms where it connects with similar mind forms and gathers other-dimensional experiences. Our imagination derives from these realms where the unconscious mind accesses alternative information that a physically bound system cannot. These explorations are also the source of our intuition. The unconscious mind connects with our soul passing on what it has learnt from our conscious, emotional and unconscious experiences and the soul in turn passes this on to the Universal Mind – Spirit or God.


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The Esoteric Alphabet – Introduction part 12

Another problem websites have to address is the wide variety of quality, sizes and the variable browsers and other components across the world. One of the main problems is to do with pixels, dots that make up an image on a screen. It is a very different ball game than flowing ink on paper. Often type that looks good on paper looks squashed and blobby on a screen. There is also a psychological aspect to this. Because the best-looking web fonts are open and thin they help to stress the doctrinal notion that what you read on the internet is not authoritative.
The typeface favoured by newspapers, documents, books and other literature today is little changed from the letter designs used millennia ago in Rome and its provinces. The most prolific are “Times Roman” and “Times New Roman”. They both started life together as one, millennia ago but a modification was introduced in 1931. Stanley Morison a typographic consultant for Monotype gained a commission from the London Times newspaper to design a new type. Monotype draughtsman Victor Larden set to work refashioning the Roman letters into a sharper design which enabled the Times to squeeze more words on to a page. The new type was unveiled in the Times on 3rd October 1932 and named, “The Times’ New Roman”, changing to just the “Times” with subsequent familiarity. In the 1980s following legal squabbles brought about by trademark shenanigans both Microsoft and Apple altered the fonts slightly and gave us “Times New Roman” and “Times Roman” respectively. Perhaps it’s me but the Apple logo with a bite taken out of the apple doesn’t half bring to mind Snow White. Still, as anyone who has read In These Signs Conquer knows: Microsoft hasn’t got anything to crow about either.
Words are expressions of thoughts manifested
in a conventional form.
Other than their involvement with continuing the proliferation of Roman doctrine through its letters’ designs these later developments have very little impact on their original characters and motives. The letters of the Roman alphabet were designed and instigated under the influence and compulsion of a malicious and overpowering force of Darkness. What goes in comes out so imagine what horrors can be conceived through something so seemingly inconsequential as the little symbols we use to communicate. Again I must stress that the Darkness works through humans and these people are, other than a very few mainly in top positions, going to be entirely unaware of what it is they are serving. Unfortunately there are lots of ways to dance with the devil. I have already mentioned a few but as we have gone ‘corporate’ I thought I’d indicate some more of the dangers as applicable to large organisations and the people who work under them. Remember Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, “Ambition is pitiless”? There is a huge clue there and it says it all really. This of course applies to any transactions that encourage greed and selfishness.
In his Confessions, Saint Augustine gives a remarkable sense of what it must feel like to use the artificial memory, describing “the plains, and caves, and caverns of my memory, innumerable and innumerably full of innumerable kinds of things.” Augustine calls this an “innerplace, which is as yet no place,” and catalogues the images, knowledges, and experiences that exist there. “Over all these do I run, I fly; I dive on this side and that, as far as I can, and there is no end.
– Francis Yates, The Art of Memory (Chicago, 1966)
Dreaming With Intent
The ancient idea of all life being an illusion is true, but this dream has a purpose, and that is to achieve awareness. Ultimately everything will completely understand that it is everything else that there are really no divisions and every article of reincarnation will fade back into the void. For now, we are far from that and our race is bound to this collective cycle until we have proven that we are capable of assimilation or we are given up upon.
The process we have undertaken involves lessons of consideration, calculation, acceptance and elimination. We are equipped with everything we need to bring this about both internally and externally. These are described below in a two-dimensional diagram of a multi-dimensional concept. Our realm of existence is considered to be in the 3rd dimension. Using this plan we can determine on which plane of human experience the designers of our letters applied each one to.



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