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The Esoteric Alphabet – Introduction part 8

Many years ago I knew a lovely, elderly, elocution teacher who used to teach politicians, religious leaders, media presenters and other performers, how to do this. I didn’t, and I’m sure she didn’t, realise at the time the malign potential this training could have. Among her many clients were prime ministers, archbishops, newsreaders, big name actors and many other people who were frequently in the public eye.
Messages are also relayed through dress; for men tie designs seem to be the flavour in recent years. With women it is more often jewellery.

We are constantly assaulted by subliminal messages from people who are trained to deliver them; increasingly these days through films, games and music, seemingly light-hearted entertaining and superficial things. But the superficial holds more attraction to most now because they have been conditioned not to think, only to accept what both unwitting and conversant pre-programmed icons and authority figures tell them; even though the best advice has always come from quiet people – those who watch and listen – not from those who flash and dash, bluster and pomp.

But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord will, and will know, not the speech of them which are puffed up, but the power…
For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

~ Corinthians 4: 19-20

The Darkness, through its Shadows speaks to us in metaphor. They deliver multi-layered messages that are superficially accepted by the conscious mind but really target the subconscious. This serves to enforce our programming. At the same time, their messages are designed to surreptitiously relay information to their under-slaves and servants.

El an’ a Roosevelt

Among the most compelled bloodlines orchestrating this Dark agenda is the Roosevelts. Hiding in full view and behind an illusion of respectability, they have frequently stepped forward to spread the word.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a Roosevelt by birth as well as by marriage. Her husband was the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and was her distant cousin. He once famously let out “nothing ever happens by accident in politics. If it happens it is meant to happen.” It was he who intentionally baited the Japanese war machine to destroy Pearl Harbour and hence blast the U.S. into the Second World War.
Pearl Harbour ~ Mother of All Conspiracies Mark Emmerson Willey 

Now read these words from the impossibly wealthy Eleanor Roosevelt, who is acclaimed as a great humanist, in the context of what you have read so far:

“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words. It is expressed in the choices one makes…the process never ends until we die. The choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.”

Ok, on the surface this is what we have been programmed, and are still being programmed, to believe. Belief is not a favourable condition for any individual on a journey of discovery. Belief is a result of conditioning and relies totally on what a mind has been allowed to experience up to that moment. It is entirely a confirmation of intellectual programming. The intellect can never, ever, understand what it has never been in contact with. If a mind is sufficiently segregated, the unconscious mind suppressed, and its only functioning aspects are the emotions, the intellect and its sub domain, the instinct, then how can any individual make valid choices? He or she cannot, and for ER to say that choices are our responsibility is a heartless trick, a mind game intended to rub our noses in it. We operate with only 1/10th of our brain’s efficiency. The other 9/10ths is suppressed by the conditioning imposed on us through generations of mind control operations in their various guises. This programming is designed to convince us that we are subservient, dependent and powerless the complete opposite of what and who we really are. We are taught to believe in our betters, believe in what they say and to believe in their intentions. So, what else may lurk beneath these apparently beneficial and sagacious words? This is what I think:


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